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イベント: 6月11日 15pm-17pm at 町屋 カルチャーサークル " Kitchen Story"西院・京都

Transreal Space Project イベント
H23年 6月11日 15pm-17pm 
場所:京都の町屋(西院)カルチャーサークル Kitchen Stories


Kitchen Stories
参加ご希望の方は Kitchen Stories のベルギー人詩人、オーナー
english.kitchenstories AT (AT->@変えてメールしてください) に

Some works are created during the exhibition, and artworks/photographed Space are also created to portray other transreal spaces.

I prepare short videos, photography slide shows on my travel. I would like to share, interact with participants' experiences,  ideas, and create unexpected time and space.

1. Shine
2. Travel
3. Now in preparation...

Please contact with the gallery owner ; Kitchen Stories:Culture and Language Circle , in advance.
Thank you!