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Next exhibition : August 14-15, 2010


Next Exhibiton    
"Vision of the World: Between Real and Surreal" at Minka/ Japanese traditional house by Transreal Space Project.
・Dates/Time: August 14-15, 2010 (Sat/Sun) (Open 12:00-17:00)
・Place : Culture school + Art galery / Japanese traditional house: Minka
"English Kichen Stories "

・Participant fee: 500yen for visiting gallery including snack and soft drink.
English/French/Dutch/Swedish/Japanese...etc. are spoken in the gallery/cultural space.

・The gallery is located to  quiet resident area, and event is "not" sort of big party.. this time,so if you have interest in Art /cultural exchanges, a gallery /cultural space itself ; Japanese traditional resident area "not touristic place", it would be interesting to stop by.
Artists are also very welcomed to participant for exchanging further ideas.

** Please contact the gallery owner your approximate visiting time in advance by email
 English Kichen Stories (Gallery/Culture and Language Circle)
english.kitchenstories AT

* Access :
The gallery(Kitchen Stories) is Japanese traditional house , 7min from Hankyu Saiin Station. Please contact with gallery owner for further instruction from Hankyu saiin station to the gallery when you make reservations.
* How to get to Subway Kyoto station to Hankyu Saiin Station ;

The easisest way to get to the gallery is..
1. Subway Kyoto > Subway 4jo  Station(shijo station)
2. Transit (Subway to Hankyu line)
3  Hankyu Karasu Station> Hankyu Saiin
4. Hankyu Saiin > walk 7min
Please contact Gallery owner how to get there from Hankyu Saiin.

Transreal Space Project:
Some works are created during the exhibition, and artworks/photographed Space(for example Gellery space) are also created to portray other transreal spaces.
Vision of the World: Between Real and Surreal
A vision of the world through the eyes of Naomi. Europe, Latin America, the U.S. and Japan alternate each other in visions between real and surreal, reinterpreting nature and city. A feast of vivid colors and renewed forms.